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The increasing importance of Internet and Android has transformed the smartphone into the ideal movie and TV watching device. Crunchyroll is one of the most famous and premium services that are available currently and most importantly deals in anime movies and TV shows. The service was launched in 2006 and it has come a long way to become one of the most used services for anime content. So, if you are a user who is wandering around the Internet in search of a good service, then you can stop here and read through this post and at the end of it, I guarantee that you will start using this service.

Crunchyroll features:

  • This service is a good one primary leave because it has a huge database of Anime content featuring over 300 anime shows and dramas. It has also become reputed because of the importance that it has thrown in becoming legal by forming tie-ups and associations with big production houses.
  • Most of the content is free but you also have the option to become a paid user at about $7 a month and it is a worthwhile investment because the ads that are present for free users irritate considerably.
  • There can be no questions about the quality because most of the content is available up to 1080 pixels and this Crunchyroll service is also available in a lot of countries.
  • The user interface is very interactive and easy to use and there is also a watchlist option and history so that users can easily recollect what they have watched and based on these two lists, a suggestions list is created by the app itself when the user is unsure about what to watch.
  • The excellent hardware support that Crunchyroll provides is commendable because it is compatible with almost every modern device like Roku, Apple TV, iOS, Android, Xbox, Google TV, as well as the PS3.
  • This service has a lot of pros and one of the most significant ones is that within 1 or 2 hours of the original airing of an episode, it is available on the Crunchyroll app. The premium version also includes VIP e-mail support along with the no ads policy.

How to get Crunchyroll on your Android device?

  • Getting this application is a breeze because unlike other free movie streaming services that are available only on the Internet, this application is available on the Google Play Store.
  • What you have to do, therefore, is to launch the Google Play Store and search for the application or you can take the easy way out by clicking on this direct link to get to the Crunchyroll Google Play Store download page.
  • Download and install the application like any normal Android app and as soon as it is completed, you can launch and watch content without having to register or sign up.

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