Download Root Genius for Android Rooting

Rooting is something that most normal users avoid because of the two greatest fears that people have with their smartphones. The first fear is that the phone might stop working altogether if the rooting process is not completed successfully and the phone might brick while the second one is that even if the root is completed successfully, problems might start occurring later on but there will be no solution because the warranty becomes void as soon as the phone is rooted. Now, except OnePlus, all other companies mostly abhor rooting and do not offer warranty for those devices. Getting on to the better prospects that rooting brings to a device, I must make you aware that if a device is successfully rooted, then it becomes hundred percent more powerful and efficient. The phone is completely emancipated from the bindings that mobile companies preload in them and, therefore, it becomes much more fun to work with. One of the best rooting applications available nowadays is Root Genius and here is a review of it so that you can determine whether it can be the special application that roots your phone.

How to install Root Genius on your Android device?

  • First, we will get the process of installing Root Genius and using it, out of the way and then I will give you a list of all the advantages that rooting can bring to your phone.
  • You can download the application from the Internet or you can just click on this direct link which will take you to the download page of the official Root Genius website. Mind you, download the application on your PC and for the PC.
  • After the download is completed successfully, you can connect your phone to your computer using a USB cable. Meanwhile, you can also start the installation process.
  • Once the installation is completed successfully, you can enable the USB debugging option on your phone to connect to your PC.
  • After the connection is made, you can click on the green root now button and the rooting will automatically begin.
  • The rooting will take some time and as soon as it is over, you will get a success message where it will be written ‘you have got root access successfully’.
  • Now your phone has been successfully rooted and you can go ahead and install whatever you want and slowly you will also notice that your phone is much faster and more efficient than it probably ever was.

Root Genius

How can rooting benefit your device?

Finally, I will now make you aware of the benefits that rooting will bring to you and your device so that you can evaluate whether you need to do it or not.

  • The biggest benefit that rooting brings with it is the fact that it will now help you to remove bloatware from your device. Remember the applications that were pre-loaded on your phone and you found some of them to be utterly useless but still could not uninstall them? Rooting your phone will help you remove these useless software so that the memory is free of anything that you do not use.
  • To use many apps like megabox hd default android versions will not allow installing but after rooting you can use them without any glitch.
  • The next benefit is that you can now install software that was previously incompatible. This may come as a big surprise but depending on the mobile manufacturing company there are many applications that cannot be installed on a smartphone but rooting it makes it free of any such obligation and, therefore, you will find that you can install apps that were previously not allowed by the phone’s software to be installed on the device.
  • You will automatically realize with day to day use that your phone is much smoother and faster than it was before it was rooted. This is because the memory is not closed and the RAM is also free background processes and services.
  • Like in a computer, you can create a complete backup of your device after your phone is rooted. Previously, if you have tried backing up and restoring your phone you will have noticed that some applications did not make it to the restored version but after rooting the phone these problems do not occur and the phone is restored exactly where it was and how it was.
  • If your phone does not support expandable storage or even a USB OTG then rooting can resolve that problem. You can also automate your phone to do everything without you having to worry about it like switching off the WiFi when you are out of your home network and switching on the GPS as soon as the phone is connected to the car dock. Even if your phone does not support or come with the latest Android operating system, rooting your phone will make it available for you.

I think these points are enough to help you decide whether you want to root your phone or not and if you are not convinced enough, then let me also inform you that these are only a few benefits that rooting offers and there are a whole lot more which you will find out as you start using your rooted phone.

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