15 Wonderful Features of PlayBox HD that Will Blow Your Mind

PlayBox HD is one of the best movies and TV show streaming app as it makes the downloading of movies and TV shows very easy.

Since the app is not yet available in the Google play store for Androids, you can download it from the internet, but you need an APK file to run this app on your android phone. If you are using an IOS, you don’t need an APK file because IOS doesn’t support the APK file.

To cut a long story short, in this article we want to discuss the App’s great features down to the granules.


PlayBox Features


  1. No buffering during TV shows or when playing movies. It’s annoying when a film or TV show on an app or YouTube, and it starts buffering; that sucks right? No wonder I love this App’s features. The PlayBox app doesn’t buffer while you are watching a movie, TV shows or serials.


  1. Offline mode. Watching movies is not restricted to online alone, you can also watch movies and TV shows offline when you download it.


  1. Just free. The app is totally free of charge. Wow! So you can watch your latest movies and TV serials all for free


  1. Easy to download. The PlayBox HD app is very easy for downloading all television series and shows.


  1. You can watch high-quality movies. It is your choice! You can choose to download high-quality movies at 360pixels, 720pixels or 1080pixels.


  1. It is available on Android and IOS devices


  1. It Supports Chromecast and Apple TV. The application supports Google chromecast and Apple TV.



  1. Support language subtitles. The app supports all language subtitles for your satisfaction.


  1. Kids’ mode. With the kids’ mode, you can filter movies as per the number of children you have.


  1. Regular updates. The App gives you regular updates on your favorite movies, serials and TV shows.


  1. Unique interface. It possesses a unique interface


  1. Cool theme. Have you seen the PlayBox theme? Wow! You need to see the issue; it has a very awesome and catchy theme.


  1. Not yet available in Google play store. Unfortunately, the PlayBox app is not available on Google play store yet, but you can download the app using the internet.


  1. Easy to use. The App is very easy to use and it easy to download movies from the app.


  1. You can watch all kinds of movies of all genres. With the app, you can watch all sorts of movies of all genres. With its vast collection of movies and regular update, it makes it very easy to have a different movie at your beck and call which makes it very impressive and beautiful.


PlayBox HD is a very great App you should have on your device if you are a film lover. It allows you watch any movie you want without stress. If you are an Android user, don’t mind the need to go round the corner with the APK file, I hope there will be an update soon to run directly without it on Android.


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