Crunchyroll – Everything Anime APK File Download

The increasing importance of Internet and Android has transformed the smartphone into the ideal movie and TV watching device. Crunchyroll is one of the most famous and premium services that are available currently and most importantly deals in anime movies and TV shows. The service was launched in 2006 and it has come a long way to become one of the most used services for anime content. So, if you are a user who is wandering around the Internet in search of a good service, then you can stop here and read through this post and at the end of it, I guarantee that you will start using this service.

Crunchyroll features:

  • This service is a good one primary leave because it has a huge database of Anime content featuring over 300 anime shows and dramas. It has also become reputed because of the importance that it has thrown in becoming legal by forming tie-ups and associations with big production houses.
  • Most of the content is free but you also have the option to become a paid user at about $7 a month and it is a worthwhile investment because the ads that are present for free users irritate considerably.
  • There can be no questions about the quality because most of the content is available up to 1080 pixels and this Crunchyroll service is also available in a lot of countries.
  • The user interface is very interactive and easy to use and there is also a watchlist option and history so that users can easily recollect what they have watched and based on these two lists, a suggestions list is created by the app itself when the user is unsure about what to watch.
  • The excellent hardware support that Crunchyroll provides is commendable because it is compatible with almost every modern device like Roku, Apple TV, iOS, Android, Xbox, Google TV, as well as the PS3.
  • This service has a lot of pros and one of the most significant ones is that within 1 or 2 hours of the original airing of an episode, it is available on the Crunchyroll app. The premium version also includes VIP e-mail support along with the no ads policy.

How to get Crunchyroll on your Android device?

  • Getting this application is a breeze because unlike other free movie streaming services that are available only on the Internet, this application is available on the Google Play Store.
  • What you have to do, therefore, is to launch the Google Play Store and search for the application or you can take the easy way out by clicking on this direct link to get to the Crunchyroll Google Play Store download page.
  • Download and install the application like any normal Android app and as soon as it is completed, you can launch and watch content without having to register or sign up.

AnimeFLV – Anime Online in HD

The Internet movie streaming industry is on the rise because of the parallel growth of Android and Internet speeds which encourage users to stream content directly instead of renting DVDs or going to movie halls. All of these services provide all kinds of content from movies to TV shows and even cartoons but anime is a genre that is not found on all services. So, if you are a fan of anime and you are in search of a suitable service, then look no further beyond AnimeFLV because currently, it is one of the best services offering that type of content. Let us take a look at what this service offers so that it will be helpful for you to decide whether or not to use it in order to satisfy your anime thirst.

AnimeFLV features:

  • The only discernible problem that might occur when you want to use this service is the fact that it is not in the English language. It is not a problem, however, that will stop you completely from using it because you can use the Google Translate in order to translate the webpage into a language of your choice to that you can understand what is what.
  • This service has a huge number of anime movies and shows making it the service with the largest database of anime content.
  • As soon as you open the website, you will find that the home page has thumbnails of all the shows that have been added recently. Beside it is a list of the most viewed episodes of the day before and under that list there is another list of recent logins.
  • You also have a search bar at the right-hand top corner which is pretty impressive because of its efficiency. You can type in the name of a show or even a part of it and if it is present in the database, it will immediately be presented to you.
  • Once you select a particular movie or show to watch, you will be redirected to a page where the player is. You will find a number of options above the player of different servers and you can choose any one of them.
  • On the left of the player, you have a detailed options button which will provide you a part of the movie plot and then there is the download button if you wish to download the episode and then watch it.
  • Below the player, there are details about the language of the audio and subtitles if needed.
  • If you have even a medium level Internet connection then also the buffering will be smooth and there will be no lags in your video because I have tried it on speeds somewhere between 2G and 3G and AnimeFLV has been an absolute revelation at working at low speeds.

How to get AnimeFLV on your Android device?

  • The first thing that you need to do is select a good and reliable website in order to download the APK of this service.
  • After that, you will have to visit your phone settings and in the security option enable unknown sources because this application is not from the Google Play Store.
  • Now you can install the AnimeFLV APK like any other normal Android app and after you have checked that the app is launching and working properly, you can go back and disable the unknown sources option that you had previously activated.

Lifeline Android APK Game – for All Devices

There are a lot of gaming genres but gamebooks are very rarely available. Have you ever come across again that it was reading fiction? You might be thinking that I am completely cuckoo but before that, you need to try out Lifeline.

It is an innovative game that is available on both Android and iOS platforms. The game essentially revolves around a story where you will have to read some part of it and then make decisions which will create different paths in the game for you to follow. Its compatibility with smart wearables that are very much a fad nowadays also helps in making it very popular and comes with the option to engross oneself while on the go. Therefore, let us take a deeper look into what it really consists of in order to understand it better and get it on our devices if deemed good enough.

Lifeline features and gameplay:

  • If you are the kind who loves reading story books and also playing games on a smartphone or a computer, then this is one of the best options for you to engage in because it essentially combines both.
  • This game is a story where the main character is Taylor. The guy gets in touch with you for support as he is supposedly the only survivor of a spaceship crash somewhere in the galaxy. After the contact is made, you are the only person who can help it survive and there will be a stream of questions which you have to answer in order to ensure Taylor’s survival.
  • As is very obvious, the game ends if you make a wrong decision and Taylor dies but you have the option of restarting again. The game is interesting in the sense that once you answer, it will take some time for Taylor to revert back to you like it happens in real life when you communicate with somebody, and the wait time is for real. Like you check for incoming messages on your phone from other people, you will have to keep checking whether Taylor has replied to your previous answer.
  • The game has been very well written by Dave Justus and it will spark in you a sense of responsibility and determination to keep Taylor alive and well. Another factor that really helps out is that the character is not necessarily dumb or completely helpless because it keeps giving feedback regarding the choices that you make. So, if you are making a decision that is not so right and not conducive, then you will have to face some sarcasm and the story has been written in such a way that you will genuinely feel bad if you successfully kill off Taylor.
  • You could argue that this type of game is fun only the first time around or until the time you know what each choice leads to but the story is really well written and the time it will take for you to figure out all the choices and what they are leading to will be enough for you to understand that this is a very beautiful game which you may not like playing all the time but after a certain gap, it will seem that you are playing it anew.

How to get Lifeline on your Android device?